Precise measurement

Powerful sensors

The proven Nissen Guard traffic box is utilised as control section. This design is characterised by results comparable to those of stationary measuring systems as well as by its uncomplicated handling and its low power consumption.

Reliable traffic detection

In order to ensure an optimum control of the traffic flow, the traffic density has to be measured as accurately as possible, and the corresponding data must be quickly transferred to the central unit. For this purpose, so-called control sections (CS) are utilised. Nissen Guard is a powerful traffic box with up to four radar sensors. These sensors record the number of vehicles and their speed across several lanes. The Level of Service (LOS) determined in this process is transferred to the central unit via a secure mobile network connection. The data recorded can be utilised for the purposes of advance warning and warning of traffic jams as well as for other purposes via different platforms.

Technical advantages

The Nissen Guard is characterized by a number of advantages:

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Mobile deployment and ease of use
  • Quick mounting
  • Low energy consumption, long service times
  • Independent power supply through optional solar modules
  • CE-compliant detector heads, notified in compliance with EU Directive 1999/5/EC

Flexible application

Usually, control sections consist of one measuring unit that is positioned at the right-hand lane. If the traffic density of a specific lane is to be determined, the control sections may also consist of two measuring units which are positioned at the right-hand lane and on the centre lane.  As an alternative, the measuring units can also be mounted above the lanes. Thanks to the four sensor inputs, you only need one traffic box in this case.

LOS determination

The individual control sections continuously determine traffic density based on the number and speed of the vehicles. The speeds are conditioned by exponential smoothing, thus preventing exceptions from causing the activation of a traffic jam warning. The status is transmitted at intervals of max. ten minutes. A change in the LOS is transmitted immediately.

More options: MultiController

Nissen’s MultiController outstation acts as a universal interface that ensures reliable communication between various devices. Control sections, VMS display sections and similar installations can be automatically monitored and controlled in combination with the TrafficManager. The relevant circuit board can be either integrated in the device or in a separate control box. There is a wide range of potential applications. Amongst others, height controls and access controls can be automatically operated.

Wind sensor

The wind sensor is used to measure the wind force (0 - 12) and wind speed (0 - 120 km/h) and is automatically controlled via the TrafficManager.

Thanks to a custom-made intelligent logic, instant and dynamic operations are possible.

The wind sensor is available in the version "Standalone"  incl. 20 m connection cable and control box or as version "LED-Sign” or “LED-trailer”, in which the sensor is installed in the control box and mounted on the top aluminum profile.

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