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Motion is everything

Increasing road traffic requires powerful traffic management. Take advantage of our complete package of compliant solutions for mobile use.

What is mobile telematics?

Mobile telematics enables the monitoring as well as the manual and automated control of mobile traffic management devices. Nissen provides the required software (central unit), sensors for traffic measurement (control sections), LED variable message signs (display sections) as well as the operation centre (OC), where specialists monitor all devices 24/7 (mandatory in Germany). Consult our experts and take advantage of our comprehensive service.

Intelligent traffic control

The freely scalable system ensures efficient mobile traffic management on par with that of stationary systems. Applications include mobile traffic jam warnings, diversions, traffic routing due to events and the transmission of data for numerous platforms.

Benefits for everyone

Mobile telematics is ideal for reacting quickly to route-related events. This helps use transportation infrastructure more efficiently and avoid traffic jams and accidents. This ensures greater safety for people and goods, increases efficiency for operators and also reduces negative impacts on the economy.

Compliant and universally applicable

Nissen mobile telematics comply with the German leaflet for luminous traffic information panels (M TI 2015), which makes them compliant for German road traffic. The Nissen system can also be adapted to country-specific requirements.

Everything from one single source

Nissen is one of the world's leading companies for mobile traffic safety. Our one-of-a-kind team offers you hardware, software and service, flexible solutions, and professional advice. Challenge us!

Discover the advantages!

Find out more about our solutions for efficient traffic management. You can also download all functions and features of our mobile telematics product range here. Download now!

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