Optimal traffic-flow

Intelligent traffic control


Construction sites, tourist traffic and events can impair the flow of traffic, lead to a standstill and increase the risk of accidents. Mobile traffic jam detection systems provide an alert about congestion in advance. Thanks to intelligent traffic routing, they can avoid the formation of traffic jams and improve the flow of traffic.

Dynamic safety

Static traffic signs are not suitable to provide warnings about bottlenecks or traffic jams. In dangerous situations, they do not adapt quickly enough to the current traffic volume. A mobile traffic jam detection system from Nissen is the ideal solution. Dynamic LED variable message signs (DS) and sensors for measuring traffic density (CS) combined with a powerful software central unit provide automated and safe traffic control.

Reliable control sections

The Nissen Guard provides a solution comparable to stationary systems. Up to four sensors reliably record the traffic density. The Nissen Guard installs easily, stands out thanks to its low energy consumption and can be supplied independently by means of solar modules or batteries.

Powerful central unit

The central unit is a software system located in a data centre with continuous monitoring. It processes the data transferred by the control sections and adapts the display sections to the traffic events in real time. This can prevent the risk of traffic jams and accidents and provide for optimised traffic flow. The software is characterised by its intuitively operable user interface and its convenient project administration. Furthermore, scenes can be mapped one-to-one and, if necessary, can also be transmitted to traffic signs that are not stored on the display section (Over-the-Air).

Optimum display sections

As display sections, the variable message signs from the proven Nissen VarioSign LED system are utilised. They can provide a dynamic display of stored traffic signs and texts. A screen of special anti-reflective glass provides for maximum visibility, even in daylight.

Furthermore, the VarioSign LED variable message signs comply with the requirements of the European Standard EN 12966. Due to their modular design with SMD PCBs from Nissen’s in-house production, display sections can be selected in different sizes. An additional advantage is the low energy consumption which allows for particularly long service times.

Professionally monitored

We offer you the monitoring required for the operation of a mobile traffic jam detection system in an operation centre with certified staff with 24/7 service. Our operation centre uses a contract data processor that meets all technical requirements such as redundant servers and a redundant online connection as well as a maximum response time of 45 minutes in the event of malfunctions.

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