Programmed for-safety

Powerful software

The TrafficManager central unit is a high-performance software program for mobile traffic management that complies with the IT safety requirements for critical infrastructures. The numerous benefits provided by the web-based application allow for nearly universal applicability.

Everything on a single screen

Full control

With the TrafficManager central unit, control and display sections can be remotely monitored and switched manually or by automatic means. In this way, you can safely and efficiently implement a variety of different road traffic tasks.

Freely scalable

Display sections can be switched individually or combined in groups, in order to enable the isochronous switching of any number of devices. For this purpose, scenes for faster switching processes can be programmed.

Safe control

Via the central unit, you can check the status of the monitored display sections at all times. This for example includes the switching history, charging state and connection quality as well as the signs provided. Furthermore, the display sections transmit their status at regular intervals and, in the event of faults, they immediately output an error message.


Unique identification

Usually, two display units are combined to one display section. The display section is provided with an individual ID, logs in to the central unit after activation and can be located via GPS. In this way it is ensured that each display section is always only assigned to one project.

Network-independent availability

The central unit as well as the control and display sections communicate via protected mobile network connections. The optional use of multiple providers guarantees network-independent availability and also ensures service in border regions with foreign networks. In the operation centre, the software is provided on redundantly mirrored servers with a redundant online connection

Legally binding documentation

The operation of your projects is continuously documented and stored in a legally compliantblackbox. This makes it possible to retrace every switching process and, in the case of manual switching, even the respective user.

Intuitive operating concept

Intuitive interface

The user interface of the TrafficManager stands out by its clearly structured design, providing for easy and safe handling. All functions are arranged in a concise and self-explanatory fashion. Furthermore, the user interface, which is based on the well-known operating system Windows®, can be individually adapted to your personal requirements.

User interface

Clear visualization

The central unit can display a live view of every display section for each project. A site map view is also available, within which control and display sections can be displayed analogous to the traffic regulations arrangement.

Device monitoring

Individual assignment of rights

The TrafficManager is provided with an administration of user rights which is both easy and extensive. In this way, companies and clients can be set up, and rights for administrators, operators and observers can be allocated. You can assign the rights to projects andreduce them to individual display sections. Special advantage: several projects can be managed at the same time without login and logout.

Companies, clients and projects

A company can create one or several clients. Each client can manage one or several projects. Depending on the assignment of rights, the clients can maintain the projects themselves or have them maintained.

Client overview

Comprehensive functions

Automatic switching

LED variable message signs are switched automatically according to the data transmitted by the control sections. Switch cycles for specific days, times and self-defined periods of time can be established. Furthermore, logic links of LED variable message signs and sensors combined with defined periods of time can be made.

Manual switching

With the Nissen TrafficManager, predesigned signs from the library stored in the LED variable message sign can be switched. Scenes can be preconfigured for any number of signs. In addition, freely programmable content can be created by the user.

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