Complete control

Your operation centre

For a legally compliant use of mobile telematics in accordance with M TI 2015, we provide an individual data centre to you. This data centre complies with IT safety requirements for critical infrastructure. Certified specialists monitor your projects around the clock.

Bespoke performance

The operation centre meets all legal requirements for contract data processors and the monitoring of telematics applications in road traffic. It comprises powerful and redundantly mirrored servers as well as a redundant online connection. This makes it possible to compensate for simple failures at any time. For tenders you’ll receive a certificate with regard to the technical properties.

Competently staffed

Your project is monitored around the clock by certified specialists in the operation centre. Our experts keep in view the faultless operation of your application at all times, respond in compliance with M-TI within 45 minutes in the event of faults and also intervene if special incidents occur.

Legally binding documentation

The operation of your projects is continuously documented and stored in a legally compliant blackbox. This makes it possible to retrace every switching process and, in the case of manual switching, even the respective user.

Discover the advantages!

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